I'm a Communications Designer with a background in coordinating numerous projects and campaigns for various brands and non-profit organizations in Canada. I am from Vancouver, B.C., with over 10 years’ experience in graphic design for print, web and social media however began my career in 3D modeling for the education sector. My passion for design has led to my continuous expansion into various mediums such as: writing, coding, video and sound editing. I enjoy the concept development process and deliver collateral for education, entertainment and corporate business.

Whether you need a power point presentation, a booklet formatted, a flyer, a logo design, an animation or simply consultation on how to start a project in communication-related design, I am up for the task and am ready to answer your questions.

Feel free to click on the arrow keys (above) to scroll through some of my design portfolio and to view additional designs Click Here. You can also email me at

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